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A short ultra lightweight reacher with an angled handle for a comfortable energy saving grip.

The short Activ Reacher is angled to utilise the strength in the hand and provide an effective grip. There is an index finger support on the handle which gives improved precision. The entire gripping surface of the jaws is coated with hardwearing rubber, ensuring plenty of friction, which also reduces the amount of strength required. The jaws of the Reacher can also be set in two positions which means that the reacher can be used horizontally and vertically.

Also available in the following variants:

45cm - with hook

60cm - with power grip and hook

70cm - longer length

Length: 45 cm.

Lifting Capacity: The reacher should not be used to lift more than 2 kg.

Product Material: Handle, Key and Jaws - polycarbonate and ABS,
Forearm Support and Jaw Bracket - Polyamide,
Tube - Aluminium.

Manufactured in Sweden by Etac