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The Dolomite Alpha Advance, when advanced support is required, with multi-directional adjustments.

Overall Width: 65cm
Overall Length: 70cm
Seat Height: 62cm

The Dolomite Alpha Advance has a neatly shaped robust frame with rounded forearm supports, a recess for the elbows which provides solid support and assistance when it is the forearms rather than the hands that are steering the walker.

The Dolomite Alpha Advance has easy height adjustment with simple line marking making positioning easy. The fully adjustable, ergonomic forearm/gutter can be adjusted in height. Height adjustment of the brakes provides the opportunity to set the necessary braking power according to hand movement. The long handle and brake stopper provide good leverage even for people wih weak hand strength.

The flip-up foldable seat gives the user the room to stride out and makes it easier to reach and access items on worktops etc. It has efficient wheels with low friction surface that produces a direct braking effect even on shiny floors. Rolls easily and comfortably.