Bed Repositioning & Lying Transfer Aids
Whether we find it difficult to turn in bed but wish to maintain our independence, or need assistance with repositioning ourselves as we become more dependent on carers. Here we have some innovative solutions to ensure that comfort and efficiency are at the forefront of every item from our product range. Our reasoning is to ensure we care for the user as well as the carer by: preventing injuries to both, overcome time restraints, improve the working environment for carers, improve pressure sore care, reduce the risk of infections contracted in hospital.

Wendylett Base Sheet

from £76.00

Ross Turnsheet

from £192.00

Ross Topsheet

from £143.00

Wendylett4Way - Sliding Drawsheet

from £128.00

Ross EasySlide

from £89.00

Ross RollerSlide

from £219.00

Ross EasyGlide

from £93.00

Multiglide Sheet

from £16.50