If you are a disabled person or charity eligible for VAT relief, you may order from M A Smith and we will remove VAT from the cost of your goods.

Add the products you wish to buy to your shopping cart, and when you're ready to order click Checkout.

If you're making your first order with us, you will be asked to fill in the simple Create Account form.

Your account provides you with order history and can save details such as addresses to prevent the need to enter them when ordering in future.

The Create Account form also allows you to submit details to show your eligibility for VAT relief.

Simply complete the relevant fields of the form (including those related to VAT relief as applicable) to create your account and continue to the checkout to submit your order.

Please note: When you are placing your first order you will still see VAT on your goods during the checkout process. This will be removed when the order is processed, and subsequent orders will not show VAT, once your account has been confirmed as exempt.

Once we have checked and cleared the VAT relief declarations you have made via the Create Account form we will continue to process your order without VAT.

If you return to the website there is no need to complete the form again, just select your products and checkout while signed into your account. Your VAT exemption will be remembered and you will see ex-VAT prices during the checkout process.

You may view our PDF on VAT exemption guidance if you wish to find out more about the rules and who is eligible.

You can visit the Create Account page by clicking here. You can complete the form before or after adding products to your cart.

If you're not sure about anything related to VAT exemption and would like to discuss it, please don't hesitate to get in touch or call us on 01886 853610.