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The Ross AutoSlide can be used to help facilitate getting in and out of cars.

Getting in and out of cars can be difficult and awkward, but the Ross AutoSlide has been developed to make it easier to get in and out of a car and find a comfortable position once seated. The Ross AutoSlide allows the user to turn and move sideways without great difficulty. If a little more force is needed, there are handles in the sides of the seat cushion to help facilitate positioning.

The product is very simple to fit and use as the seat cushion is firmly attached to the back of the car seat, so users cannot slide forward during transportation. The soft, padded exterior enables a soft, comfortable journey.

The outer surface and straps are made of polyester and the inside surfaces consist of ultra low friction (ULF), our unique sliding material that reduces the friction under the buttocks.

This product can be washed in 70C water and tumble dried at a lower temperature (45-50C).

Can be used in combination with the Handybar E/NC/HB001