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Use the Ross EasySlide sliding mat for transfers or turning patients who are lying down.

The Ross EasySlide sliding mat was our first product designed for use in hospitals and nursing homes throughout the country. Its primary use is for transfers between beds, operating tables, shower trolleys and cots. It is also a very efficient aid when doing complete turns on x-ray or operating tables.

Our sophisticated ultra low friction (ULF) material on the inner surface of the sliding mat reduces friction, so patients can be moved on practically any surface - with a few simple operations amd minimal exertion. No unnecessary lifting, makes for a transfer that's easy on patients and healthcare workers. A disposable cover on EasySlide assures good hygiene, these are optional. EasySlide is made of microfibres with polyester padding and our ULF material - a special sliding material. The protective cover is made of polyester, and disposable covers are made of environment - friendly polyethylene. The removable protective cover contains carbon fibres, which reduce static electricity.