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The ReTurn 7400 & 7500i an assistive device for transferring patients.

The ReTurn 7400 & 7500i are specially designed to make different sit-to-stand and transfer situations easier for both patient and caregivers.  Since the patient is able to use his or her own capacity, this increases his or her self confidence, which is a great advantage for everyone involved - psychologically as well as physically.  The patient's rehabilitation thereby makes the caregiver's work easier.

The design of the ReTurn 7400 & 7500i allows patient to get closer and to rise to a standing position using natural movements.  The knee supports are height-adjustable, which makes it easy to adapt the device for any patient and the redesigned rising ladder allows several gripping variations.  The ReTurn's base plate is low and stable with a step-in-height of only 4cm - the patient does not need to lift his or her feet very high.  Foot markers on the base plate simplify and ensure safe placement.  For personnel, the base plate's patented steering wheels are a great advantage.  This makes the Return 7400 & 7500i very easy to manoeuvre.

ReTurn 7400 & 7500i has two sections and this together with its low weight, makes it ideal in transport situations.  The ReTurn 7400 & 7500i are easy to keep clean and to store.

ReTurn 7400 has a lower rising ladder which suits the shorter adults and children. It also works well in special care situations, such as in x-ray departments.

ReTurn 7500i has a standard height rising ladder that suits more adults.