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The Ross RollerSlide is used to facilitate transfers of inert patients between a bed and x-ray or operating tables, shower trolleys and ambulance stretchers.

Differences in height can pose a big problem and sometimes its difficult to get close enough to ensure smooth transfers for patients and caregivers. The RollerSlide is used for lying transfers, bridging gaps and moves with patients.

The RollerSlide consists of a padded board with a cover made from our ultra low friction (ULF) material - sophisticated sliding material that slides round the board during transfer. The sliding material reduces friction under patients and ensures smooth gentle transfers for patients who are injured or very sensitive to pain.

The easy-to-use RollerSlide is simple to maintain. The outer cover is replaceable and can easily be cleaned.  The Ross RollerSlide if foldable and has handles at the ends, making it easy  to transport.

The Cover can be washed in 70C water and tumble dried at a lower temperature (45-50C).


85cm x 50cm - (E/HC/ROMT9155)

85cm x 50cm (flexi) - (E/HC/ROMT9158)

85cm x 50cm (light) - (E/HC/ROMT9110)

175cm x 50 cm - foldable (E/HC/ROMT9145)

175cm x 50cm (flexi) - foldable (E/HC/ROMT9148)

175cm x 50cm (light) - foldable (E/HC/ROMT9120)