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Use the Ross TopSheet as a combined turning device and incontinence protection, which is placed on top of the Ross TurnSheet system (see E/HC/ROMP1590).

The Ross Top Sheet is used for incontinent, bedridden care recipients who must be turned often. The TopSheet is placed on top of the TurnSheet. It is often used in combination with a ceiling or mobile hoist, so no man power is used to turn the care recipient.

TopSheet is made of a super absorbent material, which makes the product very practical for incontinent patients. The surface always feels dry to lie on, which helps prevent pressure sores. The underside has a PU-coated moisture-resistant membrane that prevents moisture from spreading further down to the sheet and mattress. The surface that the user lies on is soft brushed polyester.

TopSheet satisfies high hygiene requirements and is washed at 90°C.

The bottom section of the TopSheet can be removed/changed when required. Spare bottom sections are available.

Hygiene and Cleaning: Wash at 90°C.

Tumble Dry: On High.

Maximum Load: 150kg.


Top Sheet:

144 x 140 cm - E/HC/ROMP1520

155 x 140cm - E/HC/ROMP1515

200 x 160cm - E/HC/ROMP1510

200 x 160cm - E/HC/ROMP1511 (1510 & 1593) Complete set with mattress cover

Top Sheet - Lower Bottom section:

Lower part for TopSheet 1520 - 80cm x 140cm - E/HC/ROMP1519

Lower part for TopSheet 1515 - 85cm x 140cm - E/HC/ROMP1514

Lower part for TopSheet 1510 - 140cm x 160cm - E/HC/ROMP1509