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The Ross TurnSheet can be used for heavy people with severe functional disabilities and for people on a turning schedule who are at risk of pressure sores and need turning in bed.

A patient sensitive to pain, or requiring care, can be a challenge for caregivers. Using the Ross TurnSheet means that little force is needed when turning patients and for assisting care givers, there is no unnecessary lifting.

This TurnSheet is often used in hospitals. It lies permanently in the bed and covers all pressure points to efficiently prevent pressure sores. The soft surface of the top TurnSheet provides maximum lying comfort, whilst the thin padding means that the TurnSheet can also be used on top of different pressure-relieving mattresses.

The TurnSheet is placed on a mattress cover that is smooth in the middle and has anti-slip surface at the edges. This means there is little risk of patients sliding out of bed. The TurnSheet Maxi fits most mattress types and size and is made of microfibres with thin padding of polyester fibre and our ULF material. The soft microfibre material makes the TurnSheet comfortable in all situations.

This product is washed at 70 C and tumble dried at a lower temperature (45-50C).


Turnsheet and mattress cover - 150cm wide x 200cm long (Complete Set) - (E/HC/ROMP1590)

Turnsheet - 150cm wide x 200cm long - E/HC/ROMP1592

Mattress cover - fits 90cm bed - for ROMP1592 and ROMP1510

Mattress cover - fits 105cm bed - for ROMP1592

Mattress cover - fits 120cm bed - for ROMP1592