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Use the Ross WendyLett turning system to facilitate both independent and dependent turning and repositioning in bed. A cost effective system for all situations. Use instead of your standard bed linen. WendyLett is intended for users who have difficulty turning in bed. The smooth and silky central section enables turning with minimal effort. Sliding sideways is made easy without risk of sliding off the bed thanks to the anti-slip material at both sides of the sheet. The material also prevents the user from sliding down the bed.

Wendylett base sheet: This is a satin sliding sheet available in two colours: white or grey with narrow white stripes and in many different sizes.

WendyLett sliding sheet is tucked under the bed like a normal sheets, with the smooth surface in the middle of the bed. For users who need more assistance WendyLett can be combined with Wendylett2Way drawsheet or WendyLett4Way sliding drawsheet - the 4-Way can enable additional assistance from a carer in turning.

Wendylett fitted base sheet: This is not an ordinary fitted sheet; it's a sheet filled with functions. The centre part is smooth to reduce friction, and it enables turnability with little force needed. Patients effortlessly slide sideways but are slowed by the anti-slip material at the sides for greater safety.  At the foot end of the sheet, however, the slide panel widens to allow the user's legs to slide in and out of bed more easily.  The smooth material in the centre slides sideways and prevents the patient from sliding down the bed. 

The sliding sheet lies permanently in the bed like an ordinary sheet.  The unpadded sheet is cool to lie on and a further advantage is that it can be put on top of a pressure-relieving mattress.


100cm wide x 200cm long (Sliding Surface 60cm) White - (E/HC/ROMP1609)

100cm wide x 200cm long (Sliding Surface 60cm) Lined - (E/HC/ROMP1629)

100cm wide x 220cm long (Sliding Surface 100cm) Lined - (E/HC/ROMP1667)

120cm wide x 200cm long (Sliding Surface 95cm) (Lined) - (E/HC/ROMP1661)

140cm wide x 200cm long (Sliding Surface 60cm) White - (E/HC/ROMP1614)

140cm wide x 200cm long (Sliding Surface 60cm) Lined - (E/HC/ROMP1634)

140cm wide x 220cm long (Sliding Surface 100cm) Lined - (E/HC/ROMP1668)

200cm wide x 200cm long (Sliding Surface 60cm) Lined - (E/HC/ROMP1639)

220cm wide x 200cm long (Sliding Surface 100cm) Lined - (E/HC/ROMP1669)

90 cm wide x 200cm long (Sliding Surface 70cm) Lined (with drawstring fastening) - (E/HC/ROMP1641)

105cm wide x 200cm long (Sliding Surface 80cm) Lined (with drawstring fastening) - (E/HC/ROMP1651)

140cm wide x 200cm long (Sliding Surface 110cm) Lined (with drawstring fastening) - (E/HC/ROMP1671)

Extra Wide Base Sheet - 360cm wide x 200cm long (Sliding Surface 70cm) (E/HC/ROMP1681

A drawsheet can be combined with WendyLett base sheet for easy and comfortable turning of users.

See further details on drawsheets and also sets of complete WendyLett base sheet and drawsheet.